Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Doodle i did in the meeting.......oops, my boss will kill me if he knew what i have did during the meeting.........

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Shanti

"Little Shanti" - I'm doing this for Mi2 Studio's product - Little Shanti.

The role in Little Shanti series is a lovely kid who is like the simplest figure in you and me. Maybe he sincerely wishes you good luck today, but he may have an evil idea to set you up tomorrow.

*Check out their Blog as well for Little Journey bout Little Shanti.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Shepherd

"The Shepherd"

Microorganism Series: Ameba (Color Version)

"Microorganism Series: Ameba"

Something Looks Like Angel



Froggy (Mutation)

"Froggy X Mutation"

I Wish for a Home Run

"I Wish for a Home Run"

Is Time to Hell


"Tao Ren" - One of the character from SHAMAN KING manga who love the peach shape "Man-Tou" and wearing the golden coat.

I'm drawing this for celebrating the release of SHAMAN KING manga (Reprint ver) in March 2008, one of my favourite comic that i ever love.

Sweeney Todd

Tony Tony Chopper

"Tony Tony Chopper" - One of the famous character in One Piece manga.

From The Bottom

"From The Bottom"

I Love Froggy

"I Love Froggy"

TMNT - Raphael

Elf Love Candy

"Elf Love Candy"

Masked Rider Amazon

"Masked Rider Amazon" - One of the character in Masked Rider series from Japan, I have did some modification on its outlook, so it may looks a bit different from the original character.

The Red Apple


"Kylin" - China ancient monster.

The Red Tie

Microorganism Series: L@L@ BOB

"Microorganism Series: LaLa Bob" - A simple doodling done with Microsoft Paint.